Outdoor Lighting

Enhance your outdoor spaces with properly positioned lighting.

It takes a trained eye and experience to create a well thought-out plan that integrates safety and accent lighting. Our approach is to produce the right amount of light while minimizing the visibility of the source and reducing glare.

Walkways and steps are washed with light for safety, patio surfaces and structures are lit to accent details and outdoor kitchens and living areas are lit for functionality. Finally, the surrounding landscape is lit for a stunning effect.

In addition to producing a schematic drawing showing the location of fixtures, we can demonstrate your selected outdoor lighting system before coordinating the installation. We carry a variety of high quality fixtures in different styles so you can choose the one that matches your taste.

We have a keen knowledge of plants and how they grow, so we have an understanding of how they should be highlighted… along with any art you may have in your outdoor space.

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